About Sparky’s Food Company

Duke Sparks

Owner of Sparky’s Food Company

Nickname: Boss Man

Favorite Sparky’s Food: Hamburger Steak

Duke is a local boy, born & raised on the island of Maui. His passion and love for family has pushed him to open his very own family owned and operated food business called Sparky’s Food Company. Sparky’s was named after his father Keith Sparks whose nickname growing up was “Sparky.” Every person in his Ohana plays a key role in Sparky’s Food Company running like a well-oiled machine. In Dukes eyes, family is not only blood relatives but people who love, care, and support his vision to share his family recipes with everyone so they can enjoy their very own #mopsesh from Sparky’s Food Company.

Crew Bio:

Natasha Sparks

Nickname: Tashi Washi

Favorite Sparky’s Food: Chicken Katsu

Natasha, just like her husband Duke is a Maui Native. Natasha oversees the marketing department. Every now and then you can find her posting live video feeds from our Mopsesh Trailer about our daily menu, specials of the week, and upcoming events. Her pivotal role in the company helps us connect with the community through social media and social connections here on Maui. Her papa, the late Alden Kealoha was a big influence in both her and Duke’s lives. Alden Kealoha started Maui’s Kealoha Construction company which have built numerous homes and building structures all over Maui. With a strong entrepreneur and business mindset, he pushed Natasha and Duke to think big thus showing what they have been able to do with Sparky’s. For those of you who knew Alden Kealoha and his generous Heart, you will know that our business phone line is Alden Kealoha’s cell number and is our way of keeping his memory and good spirit remembered. When you meet Natasha, you will feel the warmth and joy she exudes just like her papa did.

Justin Savedra

Nickname: jajee

Favortite Sparky’s Food: Kalbi

Justin was born and raised on O’ahu. His decision to move to Maui was a big leap of faith, a leap of faith that Maui would be a great new beginning for him. Working alongside his best friends Natasha and Duke Sparks, he is Sparky’s right-hand man. Justin comes from years of experience working in the Food and Beverage industry starting from a host and later making his way up to management support, working for one of the busiest restaurants on O’ahu at The Cheesecake Factory. He possesses great leadership qualities and management skills that highly qualifies him to run Sparky’s Food Company. You’ll find Justin making sure that Sparky’s operation is running smooth and make sure every customer is catching a glimpse of his genuine and contagious smile.

Leina Puha

Nickname: Hammah, Leina Cakes

Favorite Sparky’s Food: Hammah Burger

Adding to our list of successful people on our team, we have Leina. If anyone could have two right-hand people, Leina would be Sparky’s other right-hand person. Leina contributes to Sparky’s tremendously by helping with the general operations of Sparky’s. Although Leina works a full-time career elsewhere, during her days off you can find her dedicating her time with Sparky’s. Her hard work and dedication is reminiscent of a hammer hence her nickname “Hammah” which our very own Hammah Burger is named after. Humbleness goes a long way with Leina and Sparky’s is forever thankful that out of her own selflessness she gifts us with her amazing presence.

Roxane Sparks

Nick Name: Leilani

Favorite Sparky’s Food: Pastele Stew Nachos

Roxane is the mother of Duke and Wife to Keith Sparks. If you don’t know Roxane and her pivotal role in Sparky’s, you will eventually know at one point while you visit us. Her main role is to provide our customers with her Famous Mom’s Noodle Salad. No local plate is complete without mac salad but before there was Mac Salad there was noodle salad, the old school way of creating the favorite side to a local plate. Noodle salad is rarely made as it is not an easy job preparing it. You can normally find the old timers making the best of the best, but we can always rely on Roxane to make sure it is nothing but exceptional. There is one rule when making Mom’s Noodle Salad, only Mom can make it and not because it’s her recipe but believe it or not she has perfected it down to the taste and texture that keeps Sparky’s customers coming back for more.

Jo Ann Peralta

Nick Name: Auntie Jo/Snow

Favorite Sparky’s Food: Hamburger Steak

Jo Ann is Natasha Spark’s Auntie. Not only is she Natasha’s Auntie but she has grown to be the Sparky’s Ohana Auntie. She has been with Sparky’s from day one with her role at Sparky’s as a delivery person. Every Aloha Friday, Sparky’s provides a special delivery menu for local businesses and organizations in the Kahului & Wailuku Area. We can always rely on her to promptly and safely deliver our special plates to our customers with Aloha spirit. On days other than Friday, Auntie Jo voluntarily helps tremendously with keeping our Mopsesh trailer looking always new inside and out, with occasional washes, cleaning, and polishing of our cooking appliances that help us ensure that we prepare your plates in a clean and sanitary environment. Although we don’t ask for it, Auntie Jo goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is cared for, don’t be surprised if she just might become your Auntie.